POSTSILVER™ Antimicrobial Antiviral Smart Film

POSTsilver™ protects surfaces that are high touch surfaces where retransmission of viruses and bacteria and most prevent to occur. By ADVERTISING you are protecting the surfaces your business, guests, clients, and staff you can knowingly assert that you have done everything you can to provide the highest level of protection.

PROMAK™ Premium Face Mask with Hydro-Charged MB Filter

PROMAKTM manufactures premium facial respiratory masks in our own state-of-the-art production facility in Korea, and are certified as CE FFP2 by BSI and KF94 by KFDA.

All PROMAKTM are constructed with “hydro-charged MB filter” which has longer charge retention, deeper filtration and stronger oil resistance than “electro-charged MB filter”. This guarantees longer self life and better filtration protection.


SHOESILVER™ Antimicrobial Shrinkable PVC Film

SHOEsilver™ Shoe Cover Feeding Machine provides an innovative heat shrinkable PVC film with antibacterial and sterilizing properties for the protection of virus remaining on the floors. Instant forming within few seconds with a PVC roll providing 1,000 pieces of shoe covers.